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New Year’s Message

As we enter the New Year it is a perfect time for reflection and hope.

Remember 2011, the times that were hard and the love that helped us through them. Also remember the times of joy and the love we felt in those moments.

As we enter 2012 accept that love is with us always, guiding us for our highest good. Accept that love is there when we are being tested to our limits, know that there is nothing with which we cannot cope.
In the times of plenty share the love believing that there is more than enough for everyone.

Love is ever-present embrace it always.


Christmas Gratitude

Well Christmas is officially over, I am back to work today and have taken the decorations down on my desk.  I travelled back home from my parents house yesterday afternoon so the location of “Home” is now back to normal. 

There was enough to haul back that I had to drop the back seats down in my little car.   Not all of this was presents as I made a nice little discovery in the loft at Mum and Dads.  Whilst helping Mum with the Christmas decorations I stumbled (almost literally) over a box filled with all my old photos.  I will shortly be going back through them and reliving some wonderful memories!

With Christmas now complete, and a work colleague reminding me it is only 362 days until the next, I am reflecting on what I have to be grateful for this Christmas. 
Certainly the wonderful gifts I received is one thing (in the shape of an IKEA bag crammed with goodies) to be grateful for, another is my unexpected photo discovery and the time I have spent with my family.
The less expected ones may be that I have now returned to my job which pays my bills and provides for me, also the inspirations I have received over the Christmas period (galvanising me into geting the Kitchen re-done) and the experiences that have helped to remind me what is important.  We accumulate things as we travel through this life, many of them at Christmas time.  We cannot take them with us into what lies beyond.  What we can take with us are our life experiences, those moments we share in our relationships and with our families and friends.  My stark reminder of this was seeing the (almost) eight year old son of one of my closest school friends.  I believe the last time I saw him was before his first birthday, as in my recent visits he was always tucked up asleep. 
I am certainly grateful for the opportunity to realise what things are important for the year ahead.

All I want for Christmas

Well that wonderful day is nearly here.  At this time of year it seems to approach with ever growing speed.  Although in 48 hours it will be gone for another year.

This Christmas I have been reasonably well organised with my present buying, wrapping and delivering.  I also gave Christmas cards with my special Christmas message printed to be inside them.  This is the first time in about five years I have done Christmas cards.  The best part is that I did not have to but any.  I was able to completely use all of the cards I had stored from previous times.  This fits in very well with my tidying regime which now seems likely to kick into even higher gear in the New Year with the offers on Kitchens and Bathrooms.  I just may not be able to resist getting both done.
However I have drifted slightly off topic there.

Today is Christmas Eve, we have my lovely niece during the day today and I have friends to catch up with in the afternoon also.  This to me is what I want for Christmas.  The time off work to be home with my family.  To see my amazing friends (some of whom I haven’t seen since last Christmas).  I have enjoyed buying things for them this year.  In the same way I have done last year I have held on for inspiration and to find something that puts me in mind of a particular person.  Usually buying something that I would quite like myself.  For me the joy is in the giving although I will be happy to open my presents tomorrow and to have Christmas Lunch.

Blink and it will all be over.  I will take a break from posting tomorrow as it is a family day.  We start off traditionally by all taking the dog for a walk first thing.  It is then family time all through the day.  We give plenty of DVDs so undoubtedly we will be enjoying some of those again.

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you do, have a wonderful Christmas.

Wherever You Are…

The single “Wherever You Are” from the Military Wives Choir was released on Monday and since then I have been playing it quite often.  The melody is soft and comforting.  The lyrics below are particularly poignant to families with someone in the services.  They are also universally applicable and everyone could easily see the inspiration in these words and identify with their loved ones.  I share these lyrics and the link to the official video on You Tube as day by day they look even more likely to be the UK Christmas Number 1.  This is a great achievement and a Chart No 1 that the whole country can be very proud of.  I look forward to more great things from the Military Wives Choir.

In the spirit of the song my heartfelt thoughts are with all those that have loved ones serving over Christmas.  All the Miliary Wives, Husbands, Mothers, Fathers, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters and friends.  May they all have a wonderful festive season and be safely reunited with those they care for.

Wherever you are my love will keep you safe
My heart will build a bridge of light across both time and space
Wherever you are our hearts still beat as one
I hold you in my dreams each night until your task is done

Light up the darkness my wondrous star
Our hopes and dreams, my heart and yours, forever shining far
Light up the darkness my prince of peace
May the stars shine all around you, may your courage never cease

Wherever I am I will love you day by day
I will keep you safe, cling on to faith, along the dark, dark way
Wherever I am I will hold on through the night
I will pray each day, a safe return, will look now to the light 

Light up the darkness my wondrous star
Our hopes and dreams, my heart and yours, forever shining far
Light up the darkness my prince of peace
May the stars shine all around you, may your courage never cease

May your courage never cease

Official Video

Proceeds from the sale of each Military Wives CD will be donated jointly to The Royal British Legion and the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen Families Association.

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