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One Twelfth of the way towards your goals?

Well it is now the end of January.  Most people measure the end of the month to be the time they get paid.  Whilst I am under no illusions of the importance of that I am measuring in a slightly different way today.

Firstly I haven’t been weighing in as I am happily maintaining my optimal weight, although I still need to concentrate on my nutrient intake to ensure I address my previous high sugar levels.  At a guess I would say this qualifies for 60% of my goal.

Secondly I have now sent off almost all of the remaining negatives and films to be digitally scanned with Mr Scan.  This takes me ever closer to having all my wonderful pictures in digital format.  Although I now realised how much organising I will need to do in iPhoto.  Recognising Faces, tagging photos to places and also adjusting dates and times to be as close to accurate as they can be.  In my estimations that would sell for about 40% of the goal.

Thirdly with my Tidy Life goal to have a flat that people can just “drop by” is not there yet.  I do aim to make progress every day even if that progress is just not to make things any more untidy…  Realistically I am scratching the surface and still pondering my decision to replace the kitchen.  Therefore this one has to score 5%.

With my Tummy Toning goal I have had a couple of false starts and have yet to fully bed into a routine on this one so I feel honestly this is a no score.  The same applies for my Learn Hypnosis goal although I am booked on self improvement courses.  Currently the Louise Hay course in May at Mind, Body Spirit in Westbourne.

So taking this as a percentage across all five goals this is 105 out of 500.  Which means I have completed 21% of my goals set for the year.  One twelfth would be 8.3% so I am well on the way.  That little statistic has cheered me up, I may even have room to add some new Mid Year goals…


Course Correction

Yesterday the Louise Hay affirmation in my calendar read “Rather than fix problems, I fix my thinking.  Then problems fix themselves”.  This clearly set up a resonance in my subconscious as my dreams overnight have provided me with valuable guidance, showing me that I have veered slightly off the path I choose for myself.

Last week my department at work internally presented a re-organisation for better performance.  We had know this was coming and whilst no-one knew the shape of it prior to last week I had examined my feelings toward it and concluded that no matter what came I would be fine.  After the initial announcement I had encouraged my colleagues to help see the positive opportunities presented by the changes to be made. However after my consultation where the changes to my individual role were made clear I perhaps reacted a little in shock, for I have been focussed on the wrong things.  I was naturally excited at the opportunities presenting themselves (which I will explain in a moment) to me but this seems to have faded as time has moved forward.

For the last week I have been looking at the queue of work I have to complete, this has been getting longer over the last month.  I also looked ahead to how my role will be changing and anticipating more work, wondering where the time is going to come from to complete it all.  Am I going to turn back into the bitter person that stays late each day and makes sure people know that I’m not happy about it.  As a result I have indeed started to turn back into that person.  The same person that looks at the requests we receive for help each day and thinks “why couldn’t the first person to look at that have fixed it”, “why can’t the person making this request see the easy way to fix it for themselves”.  This is the personality aspect I have been training myself out of.  The one that concentrates on the negative, up till now I have been fairly consistent and this is the most significant lapse I can recall.  I think this is the joy of life, we do not run on rails to guid us along our chosen path to the destination we ultimately have in mind.  We have freedom of choice, for this brief time I have chosen to indulge that personality trait.  Reacting out of fear rather than the sound knowledge that I can cope with whatever changes are made.  Indeed last weeks calendar affirmations were precisely on this topic.  Relating that changes in my life are for the better and that I welcome them.  So here is how I am fixing my thinking…

Firstly the changes to my role are that I will be taking more responsibility in terms of service ownership for my areas of expertise.  To help me with this I will have three members of the team reporting directly to me, with all the inherent HR administration activities that go with that.  My fear was that I was not ready and would not be good enough (or as good as our current Team Leader who has set a high standard to follow).  I now choose to change these fears into an affirmation –
“I have been asked to take on increased responsibility, both in looking after my areas of expertise along with three great team members.  I am ready for this, I will do my best and I will be better than good enough!”

Next up is the area that my dream sequence really hit home on which has been my attitude and thinking towards the requests I have recently received.  As you can see I have been neglecting to apply the loving positive energies in these situations and therefore reacted badly to them.  Regardless of the reason for a request being sent they all come to us for a reason, we treat each one individually and will give the best service we can.  This will lead into a discussion to be had with my manager about the single, simple truth of what our team does.  This is Service.  My dream sequence very aptly showed this in a small supermarket environment, I was a shop floor worker for the purposes of the dream.  The company truly believed in great quality customer service.  So much so that if something was shown on the store in the system we would look for it for a customer until we found it.  The most poignant though was the very last experience in this dream, a lady approached me and said “he’s driving me mad, he’s so tired” most of us would expect a response “i’m sorry to hear that” most would be thinking “what has that got to do with me”.  In this dream superstore the answer was “and how can I help you with that”.  Following which I accompanied her back to her husband and child.  The baby was crying so I kneeled down and started talking to him.  In short order he calmed down and the lady was able to shop in calm.  Good customer service is not doing the right thing because you are told to, or even because you know you should.  It is doing it because you choose to, because by giving this service you recognise that you will receive it back.

I believe the message I put out after out initial announcement of looking for the positive opportunities has come full circle and returned to me.  I believe that a number of people have been able to find the positive aspects of the changes in their own circumstances.  Something that despite giving the message I had lost track of doing and so now my own guidance has come back to help me too.

Finally my concern over my workload I release.  The workload is that of the company, the things that are needed to continue to make services work and to improve them.  I am not alone in this regard, I work in a team and if there is more work than I alone can do, I can ask for their help.  My team leader who I find will be a role model for my coming development into my new responsibilities has already offered support and guidance in this area.  I have however thought about this slightly differently and with the difference in aligning of responsibilities he may be able to do even more than that to help alleviate this perceived pressure that I have placed upon myself.  I must also learn that I do not have to take on every task handed out, however for my own good I choose to do quality work for all the tasks I do accept.  I may choose to work late on occasions to finish particular things, this is by my own choice, not out of obligation.

Thank you for those that read this, it has been a very therapeutic morning for me and I still have 30 minutes before my alarm goes off.  I love waking up early, it allows opportunities to get more from the day.  I can be creative whilst still having the time to do all I am asked of at work.  I now choose to steer back to my chosen path and will put the necessary effort in to change my thinking and improve the environment I create for those around me.

How do you feel about a traffic accident?

Yesterday while I was walking to work the traffic was unusually slow and tailed back as far as I could see.  As I walked to the end of the bridge I could see that there were flashing blue lights, this is not something I like to see but an unfortunate reality.  Accidents can and do happen, although my first thought was to wonder if this was more than an accident as this particular bridge is a common suicide spot.  Nevertheless as I walked by (the great advantage of being a pedestrian whenever possible) I was able to see the last pieces of glass being swept up and a car broken and mangled on the pavement opposite.  Whilst I did this I spared a thought and sent energy to those involved in the accident, that they be safe and well looked after.  Then naturally a small thought to bring patience to those being delayed by the accident.

I also couldn’t help but wonder how many people would drive past almost cursing under their breath at the people in the accident for inconveniencing them.  How many would actually send a thought out to keep all involved safe and well?

As a driver I used to be frustrated in these situations and usually think only of the inconvenience, however my recent drive out to my Health Assessment reaffirmed that I can maintain my calm even in queues of traffic (I normally drive at times to avoid these situations).  However if there is plenty of time to get where you are going, knowing you will get there safely, is there any reason for frustration?  Why not do as I now do and think of those involved being safe, of everyone delayed being safe and arriving at their destination, late but to the understanding of others.  We are all connected at some level or another so by showing compassion to those affected by these situations we can better expect to receive that same compassion if ever we need it.

There are more to my photos…

Yesterday saw the return of my APS films and the digitally scanned images from them.  The colour balance has come through better and the scans have even more of the picture than was in the original prints.  Due to the APS cameras capturing a wild image but only printing base on the selection you made at the time of taking the photo.

As a result I have seen extra parts of the image which may not be significant but show who was standing next to the person you were actually photographing.  Now the results cannot be better than the original photos and there are those that are obviously very marginally out of focus.  Although I would not have realised before.  The quality of the images however is very good and I am very pleased.  This certainly means that the remainder of my photos will be going to Mr Scan for processing.

Having checked off I am now able to keep the photos that I love, save others that I like to give to my friends and also to save the space for those that now I have them on the computer I do not need a print of.  I am almost through checking this first batch so very soon i’ll be placing the next order or two to send off and have processed.  Well on the way to accomplishing my goal of digitising all my photographs.

Especially as I have also been able to us a scanner at work to scan my old polaroids.  Again I have been surprised by the detail I have been able capture.  I’m so pleased with the results that I even saw a few images to share.

Firstly is one of the APS scanned pictures.  When this existed as a photo the colour balance was wrong and it was too white (probably due to the snow) as a result it was always a photo I thought was never very good.  Now as you can see below the correct balance has brought it up to being wonderful picture.

New Year in Denmark

Then following on from this discovery I went through the polaroid section and found this interesting photo showing the damage near my family home from the 1987 storm.  I can remember being sent home from school because of the storm.  Although as kids we were all out playing in the wind, using our coats as sails (holding them up over out heads) and being blown back against the playground fence.  Well that is until one of the teachers didn’t think it was a good idea and told us to come inside.

1987 Storm Damage

This surprised me as this image is taken from a tiny polaroid photo that was about 8cm (3 inches) square.  Still more work to do but the results mean that my memories will stay fresh and the photos will not now degrade as they will be kept safe in digital form.

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