Health & Wellbeing Assessment

My company takes an almost proactive approach to looking after their employees.  We are enrolled in a Health & Wellbeing assessment that we attend every two years (or thereabouts).  This is all private and confidential naturally but allows us to gain advice on healthier and better living.  I am doing a lot on this front myself but always open to the possibility that there may be areas that I need some guidance on.

I therefore went in with eyes open, last time I was not nearly as aware of my body as I now am and consequently did not gain the full benefit from the appointment.
The physiologist looking after me during the session was looking at physical wellbeing as well as making stress easier to handle.  Again I am fortunate to already have an array of tools to help with my stress management.  Although yesterday was a stark reminder that I need to be better in touch with those tools.  I underwent a period of frustration which I believe was largely fuelled by hunger, as I had neglected to take my fruit bars with me to work.

Today has been completely different as following my appointment first thing this morning I travelled to work and did not feel guilt for the time spent away (as was the case in the past).  The remainder of the day was spent in harmony with my colleagues and was enjoyable.  I achieved what I wanted from the day without any disruption to my calm.

The important lesson is what I have gained from my assessment.  I had hoped to be approaching the healthy bounds in terms of my weight, body fat, hydration and general fitness.  From the tests made I am very pleased to be exactly where I should be in the middle of optimal, losing additional weight at this point would now be unhealthy.  In terms of my heart I may need to increase the vigour of my exercise but what I am doing is of sufficient duration to keep everything in good running order.  I was already aware of the concerns regarding my cholesterol and have been advised to return to my GP for a breakdown test, this will confirm if my cholesterol level is the “good” cholesterol or of the kind that I need to reduce.  Additionally an independent look at my dietary intake has identified some potential pitfalls in my current eating plan.  Namely that I am taking in too much sugar and not nearly enough starch.  It was also specific enough to identify the reasons for these levels and I was given valuable guidance on how to address this balance.

My spine was analysed in terms of posture, flexibility and movement (whilst holding two weights out in front of me).  Here is where the report lost some of the glow from my BMI & body composition.  The results were similar to those back in 2008 which identified that my spine is not as strong, flexible or straight as is ideal.  I must take action to build the appropriate musculature to better support my spine and to maintain my posture.

Resulting from this I have naturally modified my first two goals for the year.  From now forward my new target weight is my current weight of 76 kg (12 stone / 168 lbs).  This is a healthy weight and my body has the right level of fat that is healthy.  As this is now my current weight it would be easy to tick goal number one off.  Before I do that I will make it last a little longer in terms of maintaining that weight and adjusting the areas of concern with my food intake.

Secondly my goal of Tummy Toning takes on an even greater importance.  Not only do I need to work on my abdominals to now help my spine, I must work the entire of my core muscles to better address the spinal issues before I meet with any consequences that leave me in a lifelong slouch.  This will also incorporate a need for a slightly greater amount of cardiovascular activity to keep my heart healthy and to give it a little challenge every now and then.

Whilst the official report may be some days away the key advice is clear.  I have already booked an appointment at my local surgery to have my cholesterol rechecked along with blood glucose.  As with all things the results of these tests are not something for me to fear.  They will help to address whatever imbalances there are in my body so I can better treat it and live in greater comfort for as long as I need.


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I am a thirty three year old guy learning his way through life. In early 2010 I met a special person that changed my view on life. I have subsequently been learning a new way to live aside from the hustle and bustle of making a living. My journey has been going well and so I am choosing to share some of my thoughts and experiences.

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