One Twelfth of the way towards your goals?

Well it is now the end of January.  Most people measure the end of the month to be the time they get paid.  Whilst I am under no illusions of the importance of that I am measuring in a slightly different way today.

Firstly I haven’t been weighing in as I am happily maintaining my optimal weight, although I still need to concentrate on my nutrient intake to ensure I address my previous high sugar levels.  At a guess I would say this qualifies for 60% of my goal.

Secondly I have now sent off almost all of the remaining negatives and films to be digitally scanned with Mr Scan.  This takes me ever closer to having all my wonderful pictures in digital format.  Although I now realised how much organising I will need to do in iPhoto.  Recognising Faces, tagging photos to places and also adjusting dates and times to be as close to accurate as they can be.  In my estimations that would sell for about 40% of the goal.

Thirdly with my Tidy Life goal to have a flat that people can just “drop by” is not there yet.  I do aim to make progress every day even if that progress is just not to make things any more untidy…  Realistically I am scratching the surface and still pondering my decision to replace the kitchen.  Therefore this one has to score 5%.

With my Tummy Toning goal I have had a couple of false starts and have yet to fully bed into a routine on this one so I feel honestly this is a no score.  The same applies for my Learn Hypnosis goal although I am booked on self improvement courses.  Currently the Louise Hay course in May at Mind, Body Spirit in Westbourne.

So taking this as a percentage across all five goals this is 105 out of 500.  Which means I have completed 21% of my goals set for the year.  One twelfth would be 8.3% so I am well on the way.  That little statistic has cheered me up, I may even have room to add some new Mid Year goals…


About Onyxfishy

I am a thirty three year old guy learning his way through life. In early 2010 I met a special person that changed my view on life. I have subsequently been learning a new way to live aside from the hustle and bustle of making a living. My journey has been going well and so I am choosing to share some of my thoughts and experiences.

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