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Cycling through Summer

For the last two years I have enjoyed the Southampton SkyRide and been tracking the odd cycle ride on my RunKeeper account. Last year a friend from work joined me and whilst he tools some persuading to do a second lap he then ended up talking me into a fourth!
This year I suspect there will be five laps when the Sky Ride comes to town. Additionally my friend has signed us up for the Solent Coasts Cycling Challenge. Sixty-six miles and six ferry journeys with a challenge to raise £125 for charity.

I have also set my sights on participating in the SkyRide Bath and SkyRide Bournemouth ask quite like the idea of seeing more of the places I haven’t yet explored, plus they will help me to get ready for the Cycle Challenge.

On the website they suggest possibly going in costume for the cycle ride.  At the moment my inspiration has led me to use a T-Shirt that I have almost never worn, it is luminous yellow with a fluorescent message saying “No Regrets”, as shown below.

No Regrets












After deciding what to wear, which is up for negotiation is someone has any suggestions and a generous donation to make, my next challenge is being able to keep the iPhone charged for long enough to record the journey.  Although this is not strictly essential it is something that I want to do.  I am therefore looking at all sorts of extra batteries, after exhausting the search for  a “green” way to do this that would work and be cost effective.  Having looked at dynamos that would involve hundreds of pounds spent on equipment and replacing the front wheel of my bike or solar which in portable terms is still a way off being effective.  So for now I will stick with some additional battery packs to keep things going.

Hopefully all this cycling will keep me in good shape over the summer, it has certainly booked up some of my weekends and I look forward to seeing some beautiful sunny skies on these occasions!


Where is my inspiration?

This particular topic has been swirling around in my head for a few days now, I started writing this in my head in the way home from work on Friday.
For many of us that connect with an inspirational source it may seem like sometimes the inspiration is switched off or not available to us. This can lead us to feel disconnected and to even shy away from our more creative endeavours. I had been having thoughts along this line myself recently.
I have been aware that my blog posts have become less frequent and lacking the level of content I would hope for. As part of my first post I made a commitment to not simply post meaningless drivel for the sake of making a post a day style blog.
With that in my mind I am also aware that my work has been requiring a larger amount of my time, energy and focus. This is something that happens and my friends have been expressing concern that I am putting in extra hours and thinking a lot about work. I have been concentrating in a different way, instead of thinking about how much “extra work I must do”, I have been making conscious choices in each instance. So when the end of the day comes and something needs finishing I decide, do I choose to stay and finish this? If the answer is yes then I do so without complaint and without the needs to be compensated. After all I had the choice and I chose how I would spend my time.

So as a result of making these choices my balance of focus have tended to be weighted towards my work. A very physical and finite area, not as prone to the creative and inspirational influences I find when I work with Reiki or read a spiritual book. Does this mean that I have been uninspired? Of course not, I have simply not been seeing the same kind of inspiration. Rather than seeing the ideas pop into my head for blog post articles or for new projects at home, I have been seeing reminders and warnings. These have served me incredibly well in maintaining the confidence of the people around me at work, whist the systems I work with undergo a period of change. Allowing us to catch things that might have been forgotten and to avoid potentially difficult scenarios.
I still feel connected to my inspiration throughout and accept that it has been manifesting in a different form. I am thankful for each reminder or warning in the same degree that I am thankful for then idea to write this post.

Therefore the message and indeed lesson is to always remember that your inspiration is with you always, sometimes acting in big and creative ways, other times acting in important and supportive ways. Enjoy and appreciate all your inspirations…

The New iPad

Well the rumours began from the start of the year regarding the new iPad. What would it do? What would be in it?
For some time I had been considering having an iPad as my continued working with the product Apple provide has given me a great confidence in the quality of them. I therefore took the opportunity as the rumours started to affirm that I would get the new iPad when it arrived.
Of course it arrived yesterday after the keynote event the week before, which watching on the HD podcast got me very excited about the things I will be able to do with this wonderful device.
The photo editing software has been updated and from the demo can do some amazing things with your photos, the movie editing software is likewise impressive. The voice dictation was certainly and interesting item although I am not using that now, I am simply typing away on the touchscreen keyboard and continue to be impressed with how quickly I can type, which is on a par with using my Bluetooth keyboard with the MacBook pro.
My hope for is that I will have greater freedom to work on my spreadsheets, blog, photos, movie editing. There are also some wonderful games adapted for the iPad and I will be playing these.
So this is my first entry from the sofa and hopefully I will be encourage to write more often.
Whatever your guilty pleasure in terms of buying things make sure you enjoy and get the value from what you get…

What a difference a day makes

Today has started in complete contrast to yesterday. As I walked into work yesterday I picked up on my thoughts and realised that I was beginning to feel a little sorry for myself. I had started to lose sight of what matters so I was feeling overwhelmed by work and the changes that have occurred of late. I felt tired and stuck in a rut.
I did however choose to not indulge in those feelings for any length of time. Instead accepting that every now and then our moods will take a lull for one reason or another, and that this was one of those times. After all I am pleased with my life and the direction in which I am focussed.

Even better was the little reminder of what potential lies ahead and how far I have already come. A friend of mine at work came to me and asked for a quick zap of Reiki at lunch to help ease a pain in her shoulder. I had considered this possibility some time ago as our office is set up with some quiet rooms for meditation or prayer. As it turned out this was an ideal opportunity for them to be used. So I set off with my friend my phone in hand (as it holds some of my Reiki relaxation music) and we managed to find twenty minutes to have a nice relaxing zap of Reiki energy.
It was pleasing that this helped make the pain bearable for the afternoon. Of course the other benefit was that I was nicely zoned after working with the Reiki so the afternoon flew by quite well.

I got some good retail therapy in overnight with the new iPad and Apple TV having been on my shopping list for a little while.  This should make things a little easier for me to publish more regularly.  Plus I do kinda like having the new toys to play with.  So all that has put me in a much better frame going into the final stages of the week ready for yet another weekend.

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