The New iPad

Well the rumours began from the start of the year regarding the new iPad. What would it do? What would be in it?
For some time I had been considering having an iPad as my continued working with the product Apple provide has given me a great confidence in the quality of them. I therefore took the opportunity as the rumours started to affirm that I would get the new iPad when it arrived.
Of course it arrived yesterday after the keynote event the week before, which watching on the HD podcast got me very excited about the things I will be able to do with this wonderful device.
The photo editing software has been updated and from the demo can do some amazing things with your photos, the movie editing software is likewise impressive. The voice dictation was certainly and interesting item although I am not using that now, I am simply typing away on the touchscreen keyboard and continue to be impressed with how quickly I can type, which is on a par with using my Bluetooth keyboard with the MacBook pro.
My hope for is that I will have greater freedom to work on my spreadsheets, blog, photos, movie editing. There are also some wonderful games adapted for the iPad and I will be playing these.
So this is my first entry from the sofa and hopefully I will be encourage to write more often.
Whatever your guilty pleasure in terms of buying things make sure you enjoy and get the value from what you get…


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