Does being calm mean I don’t care?

It seems lately most of my posts are an explanation of the time it has taken in between posts.
Although I can scarcely believe that I haven’t posted since Easter! I am currently getting geared up for my new kitchen, which is very exciting, and the subject of a other post. I had already written s post about the kitchen but it got lost in a sync error.

Nevertheless the subject for today is calmness. I have been looking back on my recent accident in the car. I love this car as much as I did my first brand new car so how have I remained so calm with what has happened?
Firstly I am so very thankful that the accident was a low speed shunt in which no one was hurt. After all physical injury requires healing, bent metal only takes money. I can now identify with the whole “slow motion” effect that people talk about.

When I had my first totally new car (my third car all told) I was very protective of her, and still am to this day. Her name is Oriana and although my mother now officially owns her I still lay my claim in conversation. I even recall a conversations I had regarding other motorists that were driving erratically (I encourage you to read between the lines on that comment) and how I would “kill” them if they caused damaged to my car. Suffice to say Oriana was at the time my most prized possession.
This was the case during my redundancy and I did everything I needed to do to keep my flat and my car secure. This was an excellent way to stay motivated but the feelings of wishing to hurt others if they caused damage to my property was certainly not healthy.

Moving forward to my current car who I have named Zephyr and which I also have a strong affinity for. I definitely have feelings equal to those for Oriana. Yet i have no I have never thought of harming anyone for damaging Zephyr, not theoretically or actually. I grant that the reason for the bent panels currently under repair was my own decision but still calmness has prevailed throughout. I am confident in a good repair job and of welcoming my little car back home soon.

In the meantime I am exercising even more care and calm on the roads than before and having the opportunity to try the model of car that I most certainly would have bought had I not found Zephyr. A comparison which helps me love my choice of car even more.

What can I take from this other than to encourage everyone to drive with love, drive like you aren’t in a rush, drive like you care about everyone else on the road and most importantly drive like you want to keep yourself (and anyone with you) safe. I will finish with the words I say in my mind when I see someone driving fast or aggressively. Go safely with love…


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