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Thirty three years of learning…

Today is my birthday so I am reflecting on the years I have spent learning, which is effectively all the time I have been alive.
When we are babies we learn how to communicate our needs. We cry for food, attention and comfort. As we develop we are develop the ability to speak and ask for what we want.
We then assimilate the values and beliefs our parents teach us, imitating their behaviours to the smallest details such as how to answer the phone.
We learn about our relationships and expressions of love and support the same way. All of which are key to the people we will become as we grow.
I count myself fortunate to have a number of wonderful friends that have been wishing me well throughout the morning. In gratitude I am making the time to reply to all the messages I can.
My learning of love and gratitude has been improved over the last few years and I continue to find new ways to learn in ways to love and nourish the self as well as those around me.
Here’s to yet more to come…


Self Love

One of the central points of the Louise Hay healing workshop I attended last weekend is self love. In fact if you read the book “You can heal your life” Louise herself says that no matter what the issue she only works on love of the self for healing.
This to me was always going to be something that needed some work and undoubtedly effort to move forward on.
The course was very interesting in the techniques and exercises used to help highlight issues to work on and also methods to release anger. The idea that it is OK to be angry is not necessarily something you would automatically associate with healing. Nevertheless it is an important part of healing to be able to express and release these feelings, along with your guilt and fear.
I had a particularly good punch of some pillows when I was releasing my fear that I may never have a child. I had a good cry when we listed the negative messages we have been given through our lives. I also met some wonderful people on the course.
Of course applying this into daily life is the next step. I am looking in the mirror and saying “I love you” as I said to Tina who led our course I find I can easily look into my eyes and say the words. I then have an internal conversation along the lines of “you’re just saying that, you don’t mean it” to which I am forced to admit “I want to mean it but I don’t know how to”. For now I am assured that I should continue and that the meaning will fall into place when I hit the appropriate healing shift.
How many people can tell themselves in a mirror that they love themselves (not in a narcissistic way) and mean it?

Why I am so excited about my new Kitchen

Well finally the day has arrived and the nice men that are installing my new kitchen area here.
The old kitchen is being dismantled and leaving a piece at a time.
My excitement levels are at an all time high. A new kitchen was something I knew needed doing when I moved in. I have waited for the right timing and now here goes. The design has been based on my own ideas that the designer took and made work in the space available. I will finally be able to get both my washing machine and tumble drier in the kitchen. The fridge will no longer be inconveniently behind the door.
Below is the concept picture from the design.

Whilst the work is going on I have off from work and also have established a “temporary kitchen” in the lounge. The tumble drier and washing machine make a good worktop.
I have put a lot of time and love into planning for the kitchen and will be enjoying watching it come together allowing me to put even more love into my food and nutrition…

Healing Workshop

This weekend my self improvement explores another facet. Having worked with Reiki and completed the courses to help me integrate it into the rest of my life I am more keen than ever to learn even more healing techniques.
After all we don’t have only one way to write down our thoughts, we can use a pen and paper, a pencil, computer keyboard, voice dictation to name just those that spring immediately to mind. Assuming we take charge of our health and healing why would we not choose to have as many options to heal as we have in other activities we perform on a daily basis. I say daily as Reiki teaches that healing is a daily practice for us. Louise Hay’s book you can heal your life also teaches that the point of power is now, not tomorrow, not in a week, in this thought and moment right now.
I have therefore been “doing my homework” over the last few weeks to finish reading You Can Heal Your Life so I have I fair idea of what to expect from my weekend, whilst still leaving room to adapt and flow as needed.
I look forward to all that I can learning about healing and using the power of my own thoughts to create a healthy and positive world for myself and those around me.

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