Thirty three years of learning…

Today is my birthday so I am reflecting on the years I have spent learning, which is effectively all the time I have been alive.
When we are babies we learn how to communicate our needs. We cry for food, attention and comfort. As we develop we are develop the ability to speak and ask for what we want.
We then assimilate the values and beliefs our parents teach us, imitating their behaviours to the smallest details such as how to answer the phone.
We learn about our relationships and expressions of love and support the same way. All of which are key to the people we will become as we grow.
I count myself fortunate to have a number of wonderful friends that have been wishing me well throughout the morning. In gratitude I am making the time to reply to all the messages I can.
My learning of love and gratitude has been improved over the last few years and I continue to find new ways to learn in ways to love and nourish the self as well as those around me.
Here’s to yet more to come…


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