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The Solent Coast Cycle Challenge 2012

I have to admit that my “Summer of Cycling” has not turned out as I had expected. In my “autopilot” time I managed to allow Sky Rides in Bath and Bournemouth to sail on by without much protest. Sure I can bring out an excuse or two as to why I didn’t go but the fact is I knew well enough when they were and opted not to.

Today what it was all building up to, the 2012 Solent Coast Cycle Challenge. By the time this article publishes I will be cycling to meet a group of lovely people from my work to partake of the challenge. Together we will be cycling 66 miles and making six ferry crossings. We are also committed to raising money for charity and anyone wishing to sponsor is welcome to do so on the following link
Thanks to anyone that does choose to donate to the charity.

As we go round the circuit I will be sending a few well placed tweets and taking pictures expecting that we will all find more of ourselves in rising to the challenge than we would by fearing it. As I have increasing seen the abbreviation YOLO running through various tweets I think it is quite appropriate here. I had always assumed that I would not match up to a physical test of endurance but always saying that I could do it if I wanted. I’m now putting my money where my mouth is and going for it. I have even made arrangements to meet friends for Sky Ride Southampton the following day. Of course seeing how well this challenge goes I will be looking to measure myself up against the Palace to Palace ride and possibly next year the London to Brighton? Who knows where the challenge will take me. It will certainly give me the power to try…


What meant the most to you today?

For the first time in a while I am sitting quietly without watching the TV. Allowing my brain to think over the day and what has happened. Prepare for what is coming and just appreciate the quiet whilst it tap away. As I started on this a message popped in on Facebook. A wonderful friend of mine had sent me a message, telling me how things have been a but tough lately. How much better they have been feeling since we talked about things. How I am an amazing person for doing that. How much more amazing is it that they connected with the message I gave them, that they helped use that to alter the way in which they have been thinking about things. Are we not both amazing?
I had a friend at work put their arm around me and give me a little sideways squeeze hug in the atrium at our office. It lasted a few seconds but is still making me smile now hours later. How amazing is it that the smallest gesture of genuine human contact can make us feel great.
I phoned another friend on the way home from work and had a good chat to them about all I am doing. I was pleased to hear how well she is doing although with all my plans she thinks I’m crazy. It was wonderful to talk and laugh as I walked home instead of just listen to music.
How many people have intentions of doing something amazing, with their lives, with their day, with their work and friends? How many actually do? Do we want to change the world? How do we even measure these things if everyones view on the world is as unique as we are?

Could we start by simply doing something simple and ordinary but nice. Expecting nothing in return but our own satisfaction that we did good. Could we let that change someone else’s world without ever knowing? Could we let the normal thing be amazing to someone else even when we only see our side of it? Is it worth trying? I think so and I hope others will too…

The #happymonday Message

In the last few days I have seen a fact stated that people are happier on Fridays and that Monday is the least happy day of the week. Not really a surprise with how most of us focus out attention.
Friday is the day we are free from our work, Monday is the day we “have” to go back to it.
What if we chose to think differently? How happy would Monday be it you accepted that work provides a lot to your life? Without work where is the workplace banter and friendships? How do you pay your bills or afford the nice new thing that you want but don’t need? How different would life be if we were all staying at home and not going to work?
I have had my own difficulties with how I perceive work. I had the odd bad day and wanted to walk out because “I couldn’t take it anymore”. I chose not to on many occasions and do felt trapped by the “I have to work” ethic.
This simply isn’t true. I choose to work! To keep my flat, my car, my phone, etc. by making it my choice I take back the power, it is not somebody else’s will or standards enforced upon me. It is my free will and choice identifying that I love my life as it is and wish to safeguard it.
I then further realised the negativity around me for Monday. People at work would utter comments that the weekend was too short, that they would rather be back at home. So I started saying happy Monday to them. It takes time. It some people now say it back! Could this simple two word message help, help us to see Monday as another day of the week? Just as a rainy day is not miserable but just rainy. Could Monday e the beginning of a new week, bringing something fresh or just the chance to do better than last week?
let’s find out…

An empty house…

OK. I am home at my parents house for the weekend to collect my car and return theirs. That is a long story of my car playing up over the last three months, the garage charging £200 for diagnostics that didn’t find out what was wrong and my brother figuring out it is probably the way I drive! It makes perfect sense that to drive a newer car that is tuned to produce less emissions that you would hold your revs higher and potentially burn more fuel?? The test of this will come when I drive the car back to my flat tomorrow. I’m sure my brother is right but it all seems so count intuitive. Still if it means I get my car back and can then get on with things as normal so be it.

Since my last post I have managed to reassert some control over what is going on. I am now longer so disoriented that I am not sure what is going on and getting back to shaping things into what I want. I think this return was well timed as I have managed to accomplish all the key things I needed to at work without anyone noticing a delay. Like always I seem to be my own worst critic. Next challenge to be my own best advocate.

Those are the updates and I am sat in my parents house effectively home alone. It is strange misty for how quiet it is. Usually at this time there would be the hustle and bustle of getting breakfast, walking the dog, my brother collecting his daughter for the day. Instead only the simulated key clicks and gentle thumps of my fingers striking the iPad screen. Of course it is never this quiet at my flat as it is in close to the city. But perhaps the difference is expectation, I always associate my parents house with having the five of us (including the dog). My plans to mow the lawns before my folks are back from holiday has been scuppered by two lawn mowers that I cannot start. Plus it seems the ground is too wet anyway, simply not meant to be. Yet to be determined if I can wash both cars today…

Whatever you do with your weekend get the best out of it. I will be seeing some friends I haven’t visited for six months and catching up. Enjoy!

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