An empty house…

OK. I am home at my parents house for the weekend to collect my car and return theirs. That is a long story of my car playing up over the last three months, the garage charging £200 for diagnostics that didn’t find out what was wrong and my brother figuring out it is probably the way I drive! It makes perfect sense that to drive a newer car that is tuned to produce less emissions that you would hold your revs higher and potentially burn more fuel?? The test of this will come when I drive the car back to my flat tomorrow. I’m sure my brother is right but it all seems so count intuitive. Still if it means I get my car back and can then get on with things as normal so be it.

Since my last post I have managed to reassert some control over what is going on. I am now longer so disoriented that I am not sure what is going on and getting back to shaping things into what I want. I think this return was well timed as I have managed to accomplish all the key things I needed to at work without anyone noticing a delay. Like always I seem to be my own worst critic. Next challenge to be my own best advocate.

Those are the updates and I am sat in my parents house effectively home alone. It is strange misty for how quiet it is. Usually at this time there would be the hustle and bustle of getting breakfast, walking the dog, my brother collecting his daughter for the day. Instead only the simulated key clicks and gentle thumps of my fingers striking the iPad screen. Of course it is never this quiet at my flat as it is in close to the city. But perhaps the difference is expectation, I always associate my parents house with having the five of us (including the dog). My plans to mow the lawns before my folks are back from holiday has been scuppered by two lawn mowers that I cannot start. Plus it seems the ground is too wet anyway, simply not meant to be. Yet to be determined if I can wash both cars today…

Whatever you do with your weekend get the best out of it. I will be seeing some friends I haven’t visited for six months and catching up. Enjoy!


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