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Stale Summer?

So the summer has been anything but stale although my efforts on the blog have been. As I mentioned in my first post I have not committed to upload on a schedule largely because this would lead to meaningless comments that don’t hold with the values I established for the blog. Although in truth I have simply been distracted from almost everything, including some of my destructions!
I have got items to post and there will be some backdated items to come as and when I can write them. I had in truth thought that I had addressed my autopilot issues and although I exercised some control over events I had become almost completely numb to them. I was not passionately engaged in anything so simply floated from one thing to another with little or now focus and even less enthusiasm.
Of course the important thing I had forgotten to do was “ask for help”. I walked to work one morning and as often occurs the answer came in a momentary thought, “Phone Colin”. As is usual when these thoughts occur everything slotted into place and I had a telephone consult with my homeopath the same morning. The remedy had a short trip in the post and was soon here and helping me return to a more involved level of being.
Things are as normal now muddling along and I am refocusing a lot of my efforts. I am trying to make better use of my personal time as my attraction to distraction has left me watching an excessive amount of television or playing on the computer almost all the hours I can.
Coming soon I will be following a new exercise program on a set of DVDs, whilst trying to balance this with a weekly meditation group and working more with the self healing that I have been neglecting. We shall see what these new and renewed endeavours bring to my life.

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