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Slightly astray…

Well since my last post things have been happening.  I haven’t posted the backdated articles that much is certain but have been undergoing some fairly rapid change both for the good and then quickly into challenging times.
At the start of the exercise program on DVD I naturally found more energy and motivation to do things. This benefit of exercise was never explained for me at school otherwise I may have gotten the point of P.E.
As a result I have been better organised doing things I have been putting off for months and also not leaving things undone with a flimsy excuse.
This motivation held up for a good time and I am still able to tap into it but have found other challenges. I started writing this article on 6th October. I am completing it now on 27th November. A lot of water has passed under the bridge and I have undoubtedly been missing my self expression in the form of this blog.

Over the last month the pressure has piled on at work with circumstances outside of my control requiring me to give more than I already did. The various end points for this increase shifted a few times as well. I have therefore been pushing hard at my limits both at work and in terms of physical exercise with my workout routine. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but knew that I could commit and do it.

The result is as I approach the end of the Insanity program I have achieved a large part of my goals, although not all I would have dreamed of. My last week is right now and I have never been more challenged to get my trainers on. This morning I was unsure how I was putting one foot in front of the other!

Despite all the efforts I have made this year I still feel somewhat disconnected and distracted. Clearly I need to find my focus and hopefully my continued exercise regime will support me in this.

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