Time to Relax

It seems like such a long time since I wrote a post about something inspirational or spiritual. Indeed this year I did not even make and special messages for Christmas and the New Year.

As happens for most of us work becomes busier with greater demands on tasks and activities, a greater need to support those around you and even more essential is the development of the tools that help you deal with this without becoming a bundle of nerves.

So how am I remaining in control, positive and calm (well most of the time at least)? Do I count to ten? Do I ignore things and hope they go away? Or could it be as simple as seeing the positive in all things. The email that makes your blood boil, as an opportunity to go and talk to a colleague that you are likely misunderstanding. The extra work task as an act of trust and confidence from the boss. The unexpected phone call from your support team on the weekend as an opportunity to help someone you work closely with to get the best result outside of working hours.

A number of those I work with are convinced that I have some form of mind altering substances keeping me in my current state. Of course the truth is you don’t need any substances to change how you think about things. Just perseverance and the ability to define how you want to behave. As a result I continue to gently catch the negative patterns of those closest to me and try to replay their thoughts back in a positive way. As I do this day by day those habits change as does the behaviour.

Do I meditate or perform reiki healing every day? No. I do what I can without stressing over what I must do. After all when relaxing itself becomes a stress something is wrong with the mindset above and beyond the practice.

Top tips therefore are to:
– find the best side of everything (this takes practice so start with one thing at a time)
– understand your triggers (know what “makes your blood boil” and try to figure out why)
– enjoy your work (if you don’t find somewhere else you do)
– enjoy your personal time (do what makes you happy and know that this will change from time to time)
– appreciate others (all interactions are a chance to connect with someone, make all interactions the best they can be, whether you were expecting them or not)
– change your reaction (we all have a natural instinct to take a particular response to certain stimuli, do what you can to step back at the time and choose how you act)

Sometimes we slip and our relaxed approach is temporarily suspended. Again this should not be a stress just a reminder that we are all doing the best we can at the time. Remember this when someone is unrelaxed around you. Accept that there are many things affecting them of which you are only one and that they are coping the best they can at that moment in time.

Most importantly find out how you relax and learn to do it on purpose. Happy relaxing.


About Onyxfishy

I am a thirty three year old guy learning his way through life. In early 2010 I met a special person that changed my view on life. I have subsequently been learning a new way to live aside from the hustle and bustle of making a living. My journey has been going well and so I am choosing to share some of my thoughts and experiences.

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