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A Summer to find a Soul

After my last post in very short order I moved to a new home.  A decision that had been coming for some time but one that exploded out of me and was enacted with intense rapidity.

I set my goal to find a new home on a long weekend off work.  In truth on day one I had found the place.  I know when things are working as I need them to as the jigsaw puzzle pieces just fall into place.  I found my ideal opportunity, a house with a good garden and plenty of green spaces around.  Close enough to my work that I can still easily get in and out of the city.  This time by bicycle providing me with a good amount of exercise.

I made this decision knowing the next logical step was to sell my flat thus releasing my property ties in this area.  In truth it has taken more time than I had anticipated to sell and therefore the financial strain I knew I was accepting has lasted longer and required me to adjust things I had hoped to leave be.  However I would not have decided differently.  Having moved I have given myself the freedom to change my perspective from where I had become stuck.

The decision to move is simply a catalyst for a chain of changes in my life that now feel ready to be initiated.  The long road home and hopefully to a new true purpose in my life.  As these changes occur I expect my writings in this blog to increase in frequency.  I will be spending more time in the mindset that allows this form of expression.

The way forward is seemingly simple.  I have a period of time to cleanse and clear, both my life and my surroundings.  An opportunity to de-clutter possessions and thoughts.  I have a plan for the next five years for the first time I can recall.  I hope you will all enjoy my new direction and the inevitable learning I will undertake as I build an entirely new life and branch into it, leaving behind that which no longer serves me.

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