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Time to Change

2015 has thus far been a challenging year.  I have spent most of my time since Christmas away for work, working long hours to achieve an important delivery for the company.  Fortunately the decision to do this work was one that I took my own responsibility for and although it was tough I knew it was an investment for me personally, as well as a benefit for my work.  The time away also allowed for me to achieve clarity on an important decision that I needed to make.

Before I get to the decision let me explain the cryptic “I have a plan” from my post in November.  For some time I have known that I wanted to do something more meaningful with my life.  Something that would benefit others and not simply serve the purpose of lining pockets with money.  Indeed I was told last year in a spiritual reading that money would not motivate me.  I have been waiting for the enough of the puzzle to be clear so that I can know what the “something better” would be.  I now have a much better idea and it was something suggested to me a few years ago.

I have decided to study Homoeopathy and to use my innate problem solving in a new and exciting way to help people in a very different context to my current job.  Having explored the possibilities since summer last year I grow more convinced of the correctness of my direction with each turn.  I made plans to move again this year to be back closer to my parents.  Also to be back in my own property in preparation for my eventual departure from the office.  Fully set with the intention of continuing to work where I am until at least two years into my study.

With the effort this year has required and with the time away from my team in the office, who in are very much family to me, I was able to consider without guilt when the right time to leave would be.  A difficult decision having been with the same employer for twelve years.  However when I joined I felt that I had to be brave enough to go into the unknown, to fly out to Miami and not know what to expect when I joined the ship.  Now as then I am listening to the wisdom that things you regret most are those that you don’t do.

As a result I have decided to coincide my leaving with my house move, have some time off during the summer with friends and family but most importantly myself.  Then find a job that will be conducive to my focus on studying homoeopathy.  What comes next will be an entirely new beginning for me, a chance to learn and grow in ways I had not thought of before.

My wish for all of you and for all the people that we meet in life is that we all know when to speak, when to listen, when to stay, when to go and how to find the wisdom within ourselves.

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