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2015 – Looking Back…

Contrary to my expectations I did not have a surge of time and updates following my last post.  It is surprising how you can plan in minute detail and yet still be open to the ways in which our plans naturally change.  So here’s what happened…

May saw me saying farewell to my job of twelve years, to my home of a year.  Moving forwards (and ironically back at the same time) I returned home, closer to my parents and family.  I had expected to be more emotional about this but everything flowed so well there was little time to dwell, the moving van arrived to whisk me away the day after I handed in my key card at work.  In retrospect the whole operation was quite a bit of planning and I’m glad that it went as smoothly as it did.

June was largely a time of adjustment and remembering how to life in my flat.  Taking a much needed breather to let go of the stresses I have been carrying around for many years.  Then all to quickly it was time to start an unexpected part of the adventure.  I had managed to secure a new contract job with a friend and successfully negotiated working terms that provided what he needed and also allowed the flexibility I wanted.  Amazing how simple treating work as a business transaction and making it mutually beneficial can be!

I worked full time over the summer months and quickly began to truly enjoy and appreciate the new people I am working with.  September brought me down to a three day working week, attend a lovely wedding for some good friends and start my studies at the South Downs School of Homoeopathy.  Another place in which I am surrounded by amazing people that are caring, kind and passionate.

From then on I have been working to find the correct balance of Work, Study, Social, Computer Games, Housework and all the myriad things that we think about doing with our time.  My success in balancing I believe is realising that balance will change and adapt to circumstances.  Some weeks require more study due to a homework deadline and others allow more time for social and games.  The key principle is to focus time and attention on one thing at a time…

So this lands us to now, December 31st, the last day of the calendar year.  Safe to say the year did not unfold exactly as I planned.  The important things all happened and the rest flexed to be what was required.  I know that everything has happened as it should based on how easily events have flowed.  I can exit 2015 with extreme gratitude for the inspiration that has guided me, the people that have supported me and for the satisfaction both have given me.

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