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Soon I’ll be another year old-er

The end of April signals that one third of 2016 has passed us by.  Also that there is a mere couple of weeks before I have to start remembering a new number when someone asks how old I am.  Although in fairness the only people that usually ask that are my parents when I am indulging the superb imagination of my niece.

For lessons in life it seems a reasonable time to see where I have gotten to with the latest time I have had available to me.  Of course I had (as usual) been hoping to be far more active on the blog.  After all I am back at study learning a new career.  In reality I have found myself split in many ways.  Work has an established and steady rhythm which has occasional bursts of activity which are usually well known about in advance.  This is both amazing and deliberately the way in which I have negotiated my work arrangements to be, allowing a conducive ability to study.

So with work well settled into the parameters I pre-defined you would think that I would have study time as needed, post blog articles regularly and the world would be an amazing place of learning and growth.  Oh if life were ever so simple…  In reality by confining my work I have simply exposed the true conflict for time is between my escapism and my true path.  Previously I allowed my own perfection to allow work to bleed into my personal time more than may have been normal.  Now I have simply replaced the distraction of what I felt was my duty with other things.  I distract myself by watching television programs, playing computer games, becoming tired and sleeping.  All of which serve as an escape from actually knuckling down and getting on with what needs to be done.  Much as writing this article right this moment is yet another example of escape from the other things that I need to be doing.

As with all changes we seek to make in life the first step is recognising the need to change and fully understanding what you are doing.  The patterns of behaviour that you are allowing yourself to exist in.  This can be a difficult step and the next one is no less so.  Learning how to bring about a change in behaviour patters (even a small one).  So this is the lesson I have been working with since changing the course of my life.  To date I have have tried many ways to positively encourage the new behaviours I want to encourage in myself and while my studies are being accomplished and I am completing my work as a student I do not feel I have yet achieved the potential I am capable of.

I attended a learning day yesterday that was extremely interesting and fulfilling for me personally.  Firstly I was thrilled to see my homoeopath in action as one of those presenting the subject.  I have had the desire to sit and learn from him for some time, however with our usual contact being in a patient consultation this was an opportunity to see him “in action” so to speak.

Without going into the subject material at this particular time (mostly because I need time to digest and read up) it has shown me the need for further in depth thought on my journey in life.  It may provide some practical information on what type of journey I selected for myself and some of the key learnings that I will be faced with.  All of which are incredibly positive.

Our 2016 – 33% distance score is that there is still a great deal to learn.  I hope that there always is!


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