My name is Ian and I am thirty three years old, currently live in Southampton UK.  In the beginning of 2010 I was feeling extremely lost and not sure what my purpose in life was.  I work very hard and was almost defined by my job, working in the IT Department of a cruise ship company.  It seemed that all my efforts were only dedicated to lining the pockets of a shareholder that did not have a face to me.

At the same time as I was beginning to feel like I needed to “abandon my life and start again” I met someone that became very special to me very quickly.  That relationship helped to stabilise me in my job and anchor me with a new way of thinking.  I was able to explore more spiritual aspects of life and also make a break from the office by having someone to see after work.

Although the intensity of that relationship was too much to last, the effects on my life are forever, and I have discovered a willingness in other friends and family to explore these life lessons.  Some of them are further ahead, but I am learning we are all in the right place on our own paths.

For some time I have been looking to share some thoughts and hopefully wisdoms, I envisioned that this would have to be a book but a blog seems a more manageable prospect for now.

I continue to work in my job and alongside that in 2011 learnt Reiki at Mind, Body, Spirit in Westbourne.  I hope to soon explore Past Life Regression (as a client) to better understand the lessons I am working on in this lifetime.
In 2012 I was able to participate in some physical challenges whilst trying to maintain the mind body balance with meditation and Reiki.  In 2013 I am continuing to secure this balance so that I can live up to even more challenges as can be seen from my Charity Events page.

  1. Hye Ian, good to know your story. I also would love to create blog on the same niche, any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. Hi Ian

    I decided to do some research on the Louise Hay You Can Heal Your Life course that I am doing this weekend (a little back to front I know), when I came across your blog and tracing back your entries I greatly connect with your journey.

    I understand the feeling of being lost – what’s real and what is the perseption that has been programmed in me. It was very comforting to read that someone, on the other side of the world, is having the same shift in consciousness and that wanting to understand more and participate more in one’s life is not that ‘out there’ as you are lead to believe.

    Next year I am planning on completing my Reiki 1 Course and funnily enough I was booked in the have a past life regression – I decided to wait for this because I don’t think I am quite ready.

    In short I want you to know that not wanting to run on autopilot is a beautiful thing and from me to you I wish you the journey of a lifetime in discovering your true purpose and self.

    Blessings Rachel

    • Hi Rachel,

      Thank you for your comment. It comes at a time when I am finding my journey a challenge and so means infinitely more right now.

      I hope that you are able to find the support and change of perspective reiki has given me. It may sound cliche but reiki really holds the power to change your life for the better. I wish you the best with your 1st degree reiki.

      With much gratitude and respect.

  3. Ian,

    I can so relate to your posts. Guilt / self worth, that’s my life lesson. Well, one of them at least!

    It has been an uphill battle for most of my life but I am learning to let go of guilt and live in my truth, authentically, purposefully and unapologetically. Guilt is really a useless emotion albeit having a purpose even if just to allow yourself to remain invisible and hidden thus avoiding rejection, loss of love or disappointing others.

    I LOVE this sentence, “These positive messages need to be reaffirmed, watered and fed so that the feelings they evoke can grow into the gaps the waning guilt will be leaving behind as it departs.” Well written!

    Last year, I participated in a program with Baeth Davis called the Blind Spot Breakthrough System and it was life changing. Sounds cliché but through that program I was able to release a lot of guilt and shame that held me back from a long time when what I really wanted was to be seen and heard. I even mustered up the courage to share details with a close family member about events that happened when I was a child. That was a HUGE weight lifted OFF my shoulders AND my heart.

    Keep growing and stretching, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like an accountability buddy. I’m following you on Twitter. We all need love and support. 🙂

    P.S. I found this post on Baeth’s blog and thought you might enjoy reading it – http://blog.baethdavis.com/%E2%80%9Canother-life-lesson-revealed-guilty-conscience%E2%80%9D/.

    ~Chanelle or call me CiCi (pronounced cee-cee)

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