London Bridges Walk 2013

After having signed up for my charity cycle rides there was something missing for my own liking.  I wasn’t doing anything to support any Kidney charities.  A more personal association for me as when I was between 6 and 7 I had one of my kidneys removed.  I eventually want to support the charity that helped my parents by helping them stay in London whilst I was operated on, giving them a place to stay along with food and support.

When I find the details of that charity (I am not 100% certain yet so I am checking into it) I will of course be supporting them also.  In the meantime I quite like the look of the London Bridges Walk in aid of Kidney Research UK.  They fund research into better treatments for kidney disease in the hope of an eventual cure.

For those that know me the purple t-shirt is probably all the convincing I needed to participate in this particular event.

I am hoping to raise £100 in sponsorship and would gratefully appreciate any donations that anyone may be able to make to this important charity.  If you are able to contribute then please visit my Donation page.

In this case the walk is not a particular challenge but more an enjoyment for myself.  Taking place in July and walking through London I hope to see some lovely sights that are perhaps new on me, or certainly newly appreciated.  I will post updates when I have the wonderful purple shirt and also as I participate in the walk.


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