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The last day of the year…

So now I find myself at December 31st 2012 and listening to those around me whilst they give out the usual “I’ll be glad to see the back of this year”. I’m choosing to see things differently, as I have been trying to choose all year.

Instead I am thankful for 2012 and all that it brought with it. The days where the sun shone brightly, the days when the rain fell to water the luscious green grass we so love to look upon. The love I have been able to show friends and family and the reflection of that love back to me. At the beginning of the year I had five specific goals and whilst I have not achieved them all, I have tried.

My goals were to lose weight, tone my tummy area, learn hypnosis, digitise all my old photos and keep my flat tidy for anyone to pop round. In fairness I have lost almost ten kilos over the year, I am now fitting into trousers I haven’t worn for a while and having to by new as some are simply falling off. I am more confident with this as by working with the Insanity program I have started to tone my abdominals too. I decided that the cost of learning hypnosis is currently prohibitive and instead concentrated on maintaining the level of my thinking (trying to stay positive in a world where people often see this as strange takes effort). Most of my photos are now in digital format and some tidying still remains for track down some of them. Nevertheless seeing these photos again has brought many smiles to my face, and more confidence as I realise more about my self. Tidying the flat has been a challenge and is likely one I take with me into the New Year. Largely because I have too many things, I need to teach myself how to let go. I can see some new goals coming for 2013 already.

I will move onto 2013 tomorrow though, today is still 2012 and I am still thankful for the joy and challenge it has brought. I have personally surprised myself with physical accomplishments by completing the Solent Coasts Cycle Challenge and almost finishing the Insanity program. Two things that I had never envisaged at the start of the year. I also watched more sport in the summer of 2012 with the London Olympics than I have ever watched in my life. The country seemed to bond in that time. It was an easy topic of discussion and a great sense of belonging.

I also was able to sail on Oriana for the P&O Cruises Grand Event sail away, an event I had been counting down to since it was announced. For me this was a key experience of the year. Although I may be somewhat biased I do love a good P&O Cruise and this was a very special sight to see all seven ships together and sailing out. Oh and did I mention I happen to love the ships whistle!

So wherever you are, whoever you are with, finish 2012 with love for what it brought, what it helped you through and for all the possibilities (whether you saw them or not). Thanks 2012, much love.

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