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2016 – Still Moving Forward, Just Not at Warp Speed!

Waking up on the first day of a new year much like any other new year.  I do not list short term resolutions that will be forgotten as quickly as they are made.  Instead choosing some general principles for how I would like life to flow during the coming 526,560 minutes.

2015 brought some intense changes that took courage and planning and 2016 needs a continuation of that same courage. Much as the White-bell stands apart from the bluebells that surround it I must be true to the conviction that my chosen path is the correct one for my life to follow. Therefore I have chosen three areas of life to continue to develop during the year.

Work and Study

I will continue the balance of working as needed to bring money and free time for my living expenses and study.  My ultimate goal in this area is that should my current work end I will have enough savings that I may not need to work until setting up my new business.
My study of homoeopathy remains the primary focus and I will complete my first year of study and move into an exciting second year understanding more of the practice of homoeopathy alongside anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Approaching my studies with a thirst for knowledge and the realisation that I will be continuously learning and developing my knowledge for the rest of my life.


An area of expression that I have laid dormant for some time is my creativity.  As I continue on my path I feel it is important for me to renew focus in this area.  I am uncertain what form this will take, if I will return to my love of writing poetry or find new and interesting ways to bring forward what I feel on the inside.  I have considered the possibility of extending Learning My Life Lessons into a VLOG format.  Ultimately I will see where the wind takes me.

Physical Health

As I continue to learn about different aspects of healing it becomes even more important to better learn how to keep my own body in health.  As I learn more about the practice, philosophy and nature of homoeopathy my part as a patient becomes greater.  As important as this is to me it is only one facet of my contribution to maintaining my own health.  The most important contributor I intend to evolve this year is dietary nutrition.  The very fuel on which I run my being needs to be tuned correctly otherwise all else that comes is tainted.

The changes will be small and often moving towards a diet in tune with my blood type.  Choosing foods that are beneficial to my health and avoiding those which detract from it.  Establishing an improved base for my physical body to operate from I will also focus on engaging a good exercise regime. Something reduced by no longer walking to and from work on a daily basis.

As always I choose myself as the sole arbiter of my personal health.  I am responsible for all choices made, therefore by extension, for any ill function and the remedy thereof.


In 365 days when I look back on this year I wish to be able to say that I continued to learn and grow, to experience joy in my work, study, leisure and creativity.  That those around me continued to bring positive influence to my life, as I hope I bring to theirs.  No lofty goals, just human ones.  Life happens one moment to the next, be sure to enjoy and be proud of them all!


My Winter Check Up

Hard to believe that another year is very nearly complete.  As with all things we care about it is time for a regular tune up.  The car has it’s MOT and service once a year, after all it would be a poor show if you didn’t look after the wonderful vehicle that moves you around on your very own whim.  Although do we all look after the vehicle that is with us for the long haul?  The one we cannot part exchange or simply replace at will.

How often do we MOT our own body?  Do you avoid the Doctor?  Are you a regular?  I choose to visit the Doctor when I have specific concerns that need a medical diagnosis.  I therefore take my pro-active maintenance elsewhere.  Whilst I have the greatest respect for the medical profession, they really don’t want to see you if you are well.  They stick to diagnosis of individual symptoms and providing relief and or cure.  For this we can be very grateful.  I myself prefer the option of keeping things ticking over nicely.  Working in IT I find often you can easily go out and find work, just ask someone.  They are always happy to ask a question about something that is a minor niggle, not enough that they need to raise a support ticket but enough to be an inconvenience.  How well does this translate into how we view the service our Doctors provide.  Do we really want to bother them because we haven’t been feeling hungry lately?  Probably not.  After all what would they do to help us but advise us to “keep an eye on it”.  They are looking for a more acute set of circumstances to intervene.

This is where complimentary (sometimes called alternative) medicine can really come into its own.  By providing a holistic way for us to make sure everything is in peak running order and to iron out those minor niggles before we need to see the Doctor.  For me this regular service check is a six monthly occurrence.  If I have non-acute symptoms in between my Homoeopath provides a telephone service which I use prior to visiting my GP.  Although any homoeopath worth their salt would recommend you to a GP where necessary.

I feel fortunate to be looked after by a highly respected homoeopath named Colin Griffith.  Colin has an innate ability to place you at ease and listens intently to what you have to say.  You may believe that you have the smallest of issues but you always know that whatever you would like to “work on” Colin holds this with import.  He not only looks at the areas of the body or your life that you are having difficulty with he looks at the whole picture.  He will often ask how I am eating or sleeping, how has my energy been?  These questions are key in order to identify the correct course of treatment, even when nothing is seemingly wrong.  I am therefore doubly blessed with an appointment to see his equally caring and helpful daughter Bella for a Shiatsu appointment.  With Bella my appointments have never been the same twice.  It is not a ritualistic massage therapy.  There is an amount of physical manipulation of the body involved but the important part is how this works on the energy systems of the body.  This is quite different to my own work with Reiki energy for my own self healing.
These two treatments work hand in hand and last year (just before Christmas) I had just such a double appointment.  The information that Bella gave me flowed right into my appointment with Colin and was able to steer my course even more.

This year I have decided to repeat a winning combination.  Although I am generally fine and healthy and my life feels in balance it is of primary importance for me to keep things in this order.  What we do not yet understand about our bodies and our relationship with them will be the subject for many lifetimes of learning.  Until then I will be satisfied with the help I choose, to have a healthy body that will continue to carry my on my lifes journey.

Who is responsible for our healing?

This is quite a prominent question and is worth careful consideration.  Many people assume they are powerless in there own heath and wellbeing.  Some never experience so much as a runny nose all year while others around them come down with every bug imaginable.  Why is this?  Who is the one responsible for this disparity in experience?  Who heals those that are sick?

Are some people naturally more susceptible to germs and disease?  I guess it is possible as I don’t truly know from a scientific perspective.  I only know what I believe, that we all have the power to be healthy within us.

Rather unsurprisingly my answer to the question “Who is responsible for my healing?” is me.  It isn’t a Doctor, a Reiki / Faith / Spiritual healer, a surgeon.  Although all these people can contribute to my health and wellbeing in there own specialised areas.  Ultimately whether their efforts reap benefit lies within me as a person.  Do I want to be well?  Most of us would answer that with a flippant “of course I want to be well, who would want to be ill”.

Indeed who would want to be ill.  One difficulty is that sometimes we would need to experience illnesses to learn in our own stages of development.  As a child I have spent some time in hospital sometimes with my parents wondering if this visit would be the last time they saw me.  These are powerful experiences and although they can be difficult to look back on there is always good to be drawn from them.  For me the love of my parents is the strongest thing I can take from these childhood maladies.  After all just because I was the one in hospital it doesn’t necessarily follow that I was the only one to learn from it.  There were undoubtedly aspects of these times that I do not recall, that have significant influence on the journey my parents have been making through their lives.

Another such difficulty is when people crave the attention they receive whilst being ill.  They become so used to the sympathy and the energy they draw from others by being in a weakened state that they continually and without thinking put themselves into sickness time and again.  I am sure we all know someone that each time we ask “How are you?” what we receive is a list of symptoms.  They place their focus on what is wrong with their bodies and health and thus further reinforce the list of symptoms, empowering it to become longer and stronger.

I am fortunate as an adult that I am rarely unwell.  In the last four years I have had one or two days off work sick.  When people ask after me, my answer is usually to say that I’m good.  When a pain or something arises in my body, I expect that it will correct itself and that everything will be fine.  There are certain symptoms that we should always seek help from a Doctor and for those I would always recommend going to a GP as I do myself.
Outside of this my normal wellness check up is with a Homoeopath that I have been seeing since before I left school.  I continue to choose this as homoeopathy takes into account the entirety of what is going on in the body.  This approach means that the subtle ways in which the body helps to communicate what is wrong and what is needed are not missed.  From my Reiki training I also regularly do my self healing.  This may sound like a selfish activity but don’t forget the quote “Physician, heal thyself”, the trick is that you don’t have to be a physician or healer to do this.
May we all be healthy and in good spirits, may we quickly learn from anything that takes us off this course of contented wellbeing, may we be as compassionate and caring for those in fine fettle as we are for those in sickness.

In so doing we can take charge of our own willingness to be well and to heal.

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