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2016 – Still Moving Forward, Just Not at Warp Speed!

Waking up on the first day of a new year much like any other new year.  I do not list short term resolutions that will be forgotten as quickly as they are made.  Instead choosing some general principles for how I would like life to flow during the coming 526,560 minutes.

2015 brought some intense changes that took courage and planning and 2016 needs a continuation of that same courage. Much as the White-bell stands apart from the bluebells that surround it I must be true to the conviction that my chosen path is the correct one for my life to follow. Therefore I have chosen three areas of life to continue to develop during the year.

Work and Study

I will continue the balance of working as needed to bring money and free time for my living expenses and study.  My ultimate goal in this area is that should my current work end I will have enough savings that I may not need to work until setting up my new business.
My study of homoeopathy remains the primary focus and I will complete my first year of study and move into an exciting second year understanding more of the practice of homoeopathy alongside anatomy, physiology and pathology.  Approaching my studies with a thirst for knowledge and the realisation that I will be continuously learning and developing my knowledge for the rest of my life.


An area of expression that I have laid dormant for some time is my creativity.  As I continue on my path I feel it is important for me to renew focus in this area.  I am uncertain what form this will take, if I will return to my love of writing poetry or find new and interesting ways to bring forward what I feel on the inside.  I have considered the possibility of extending Learning My Life Lessons into a VLOG format.  Ultimately I will see where the wind takes me.

Physical Health

As I continue to learn about different aspects of healing it becomes even more important to better learn how to keep my own body in health.  As I learn more about the practice, philosophy and nature of homoeopathy my part as a patient becomes greater.  As important as this is to me it is only one facet of my contribution to maintaining my own health.  The most important contributor I intend to evolve this year is dietary nutrition.  The very fuel on which I run my being needs to be tuned correctly otherwise all else that comes is tainted.

The changes will be small and often moving towards a diet in tune with my blood type.  Choosing foods that are beneficial to my health and avoiding those which detract from it.  Establishing an improved base for my physical body to operate from I will also focus on engaging a good exercise regime. Something reduced by no longer walking to and from work on a daily basis.

As always I choose myself as the sole arbiter of my personal health.  I am responsible for all choices made, therefore by extension, for any ill function and the remedy thereof.


In 365 days when I look back on this year I wish to be able to say that I continued to learn and grow, to experience joy in my work, study, leisure and creativity.  That those around me continued to bring positive influence to my life, as I hope I bring to theirs.  No lofty goals, just human ones.  Life happens one moment to the next, be sure to enjoy and be proud of them all!


2015 – Looking Back…

Contrary to my expectations I did not have a surge of time and updates following my last post.  It is surprising how you can plan in minute detail and yet still be open to the ways in which our plans naturally change.  So here’s what happened…

May saw me saying farewell to my job of twelve years, to my home of a year.  Moving forwards (and ironically back at the same time) I returned home, closer to my parents and family.  I had expected to be more emotional about this but everything flowed so well there was little time to dwell, the moving van arrived to whisk me away the day after I handed in my key card at work.  In retrospect the whole operation was quite a bit of planning and I’m glad that it went as smoothly as it did.

June was largely a time of adjustment and remembering how to life in my flat.  Taking a much needed breather to let go of the stresses I have been carrying around for many years.  Then all to quickly it was time to start an unexpected part of the adventure.  I had managed to secure a new contract job with a friend and successfully negotiated working terms that provided what he needed and also allowed the flexibility I wanted.  Amazing how simple treating work as a business transaction and making it mutually beneficial can be!

I worked full time over the summer months and quickly began to truly enjoy and appreciate the new people I am working with.  September brought me down to a three day working week, attend a lovely wedding for some good friends and start my studies at the South Downs School of Homoeopathy.  Another place in which I am surrounded by amazing people that are caring, kind and passionate.

From then on I have been working to find the correct balance of Work, Study, Social, Computer Games, Housework and all the myriad things that we think about doing with our time.  My success in balancing I believe is realising that balance will change and adapt to circumstances.  Some weeks require more study due to a homework deadline and others allow more time for social and games.  The key principle is to focus time and attention on one thing at a time…

So this lands us to now, December 31st, the last day of the calendar year.  Safe to say the year did not unfold exactly as I planned.  The important things all happened and the rest flexed to be what was required.  I know that everything has happened as it should based on how easily events have flowed.  I can exit 2015 with extreme gratitude for the inspiration that has guided me, the people that have supported me and for the satisfaction both have given me.

Where is my inspiration?

This particular topic has been swirling around in my head for a few days now, I started writing this in my head in the way home from work on Friday.
For many of us that connect with an inspirational source it may seem like sometimes the inspiration is switched off or not available to us. This can lead us to feel disconnected and to even shy away from our more creative endeavours. I had been having thoughts along this line myself recently.
I have been aware that my blog posts have become less frequent and lacking the level of content I would hope for. As part of my first post I made a commitment to not simply post meaningless drivel for the sake of making a post a day style blog.
With that in my mind I am also aware that my work has been requiring a larger amount of my time, energy and focus. This is something that happens and my friends have been expressing concern that I am putting in extra hours and thinking a lot about work. I have been concentrating in a different way, instead of thinking about how much “extra work I must do”, I have been making conscious choices in each instance. So when the end of the day comes and something needs finishing I decide, do I choose to stay and finish this? If the answer is yes then I do so without complaint and without the needs to be compensated. After all I had the choice and I chose how I would spend my time.

So as a result of making these choices my balance of focus have tended to be weighted towards my work. A very physical and finite area, not as prone to the creative and inspirational influences I find when I work with Reiki or read a spiritual book. Does this mean that I have been uninspired? Of course not, I have simply not been seeing the same kind of inspiration. Rather than seeing the ideas pop into my head for blog post articles or for new projects at home, I have been seeing reminders and warnings. These have served me incredibly well in maintaining the confidence of the people around me at work, whist the systems I work with undergo a period of change. Allowing us to catch things that might have been forgotten and to avoid potentially difficult scenarios.
I still feel connected to my inspiration throughout and accept that it has been manifesting in a different form. I am thankful for each reminder or warning in the same degree that I am thankful for then idea to write this post.

Therefore the message and indeed lesson is to always remember that your inspiration is with you always, sometimes acting in big and creative ways, other times acting in important and supportive ways. Enjoy and appreciate all your inspirations…

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